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Chief's Message

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Beachwood Police Department website. Within this site, you will find helpful information about our police department, its structure, its services, and the men and women that make up our organization. 

The Borough of Beachwood is a great place to live in great part because of the relationship our police department has with its community. It is also a great place to work, as I have the honor and privilege of working alongside the talented men and women of the Beachwood Police Department who come to work everyday with a collective commitment of making a difference in our community.

Along those same lines, I cannot say enough about the citizen involvement in our Volunteer Service programs where community members volunteer personal time to the Police Department in pursuit of giving back to their community. 

In addition to the hard work and diligence of our first responders, our greatest asset in the battle against crime is the watchful citizens who pay close attention to the happenings in their neighborhood. Having concerned and attentive community members who call the police when suspicious activity occurs in their neighborhood provides police with the BEST opportunity to prevent crimes, apprehend suspects, and keep our community safe. 

As always, we encourage you to consider becoming a member of our volunteer Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) or Beachwood Police Department Public Safety Cadet Program and work side-by-side with our officers through a variety of activities. We look forward to your continuing support and partnership as we work to keep the Borough of Beachwood a safe place to raise a family. 

Glen A. DeMarco
Chief of Police 

Command Staff


Glen DeMarco
Chief of Police
732-286-6000 ext. 102


Captain Daniel Altman
Executive Officer, Professional Standards Unit Supervisor
732-286-6000 ext. 184


Sergeant Adam Griesemer
Day Shift Supervisor, Firearms Instructor
732-286-6000 ext. 104


Sergeant David Bowden
Midnight Shift Supervisor, CED / DT Instructor
732-286-6000 ext. 108


Lieutenant Dennis Allen
Traffic Safety Supervisor, Patrol Division Commander
732-286-6000 ext. 106


Detective Sergeant Allen Magory
Detective Bureau Supervisor/Accreditation Manager
732-286-6000 ext. 191


Det. David Bowden
Det. Andrew Altman

Ptl. Sean Langan
Ptl. Keith Meissner
Ptl. Justin Apel
Ptl. Gina Bruno
Ptl. Michael Batullo
Ptl. Chad Anthony
Ptl. William Manganiello
Ptl. Michael Evanowski
Ptl. Thomas Prince
Ptl. Michael Tapp
Ptl. Matthew Tapp
Ptl. Michael Pappas
SLEO II Kyle Krimin
SLEO II Shane Kluxen

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