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Vehicle Crash Report Instructions

The Officer who responded to your crash will complete a report and submit to the Traffic Safety Unit for review, this process takes (7) Seven Business days. After the (7) Seven days a report can be picked up at the Police Station 1600 Pinewald Road, Beachwood NJ 08722 at the Police Window inside the lobby or utilize  CrashDocs.org . If you would like to call and insure the report is ready you can call  (732) 286-6000 ext. 100 . There is a fee of $0.05 (five) cents per page that will have to paid before the report is copied and released.

When you are involved in a Motor vehicle crash:

  1. Call 911 immediately and check for injuries.
  2. Remain with your vehicle at the scene.
  3. Don’t stand in the roadway if at all possible.
  4. Gather your Driver’s License, registration, and Insurance card.
  5. Remain Calm and DO NOT argue with the other driver’s
  6. Advise the Officer(s) who respond if you are injured.
  7. It is not necessary to exchange information at the scene of the crash because the officer will gather all of the needed information to complete the report.

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Vehicle Crash Report Instructions
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