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Traffic Safety Crashes Investigations


When the Traffic Safety Unit responds to the scene of a crash the very first thing they will do is gather information from the first responding officers. The Unit will conduct an investigation that can sometimes take several months depending on the severity and surrounding circumstances. Determining the cause of crashes is not an easy task and requires skill and dedication to the unit. The Traffic Officers will interview witnesses and gather evidence at the scene. On some cases the Traffic Officers will employ the assistance from the Ocean County Sheriff’s Office, Crime Scene Investigation (C.S.I.) unit for the collection of evidence. The evidence is then sent to the lab for analyzing and secured for court if necessary.

It is important to be mindful of the time needed to conduct a proper and complete investigation. The investigator assigned to the crash will be informative and will keep all parties involved updated during the investigation. In the tragic event of a death the Traffic investigators will be respectful and keep the information as confidential as possible. The Beachwood Police Department takes great pride in this unit and makes training a priority within this unit as well as the training to each of the units within the agency.

Traffic Safety Unit

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Traffic Safety Crashes Investigations
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